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West Bengal University of Animal & Fishery Sciences
Milebasa(Digha), Kalukhali, Bhagwangola-I

Success Story on Green Fodder, Animal Sc.


          Many educated feel that agriculture is meant only for illiterate people. However, here are few peasants who have scripted success story in green fodder cultivation for ruminants. Binay Ghosh, Motiur Rahman and Kayum Sk. Of Murshidabad district worked as contract labours in the agriculture fields of the rich farmers as they have marginal land mostly it’s unfertile in nature. As per advice of Scientist (Animal Science) and Farm Manager of Murshidabad Krishi Vigyan Kendra, they introduce the concept of green fodder cultivation in their own unfertile land in last two years. They cultivate maize and oats fodder alone or with cowpea or rice bean in 3:1 or 5:1 ratio because especially small ruminants refuse to take green leguminous fodder alone.

They earned satisfiable income in last year. In next year they leased unfertile land nearby or adjacent their homes averages 0.12 hector each to cultivate green fodder though out the year and leading a prosperous life. They also purchase green fodder in bulk basis (bigha) from farmers and sell to nearby market in bundle basis @ Rs. 10-15.00/- per bundle.

“To ensure that there was no shortage of green fodder, I started with cultivating fodder in leased land” said Binay Ghosh. Presently I took the agriculture lands which are lying barren for long time” said Motiur Rahman.

They individually earned average Rs. 45000.00/- by expending/investing 12200.00/- in this year. Their income in a year is several times greater than the invested money as they use all their work force available in their own family first and beside that each beneficiary hired one labour in a year. They have now built up good capital to invest throughout the year at large level and have purchased cycle and motor bike to carry the fodder from field to the market. Now they have good houses for live in, bank accounts for sending their children to private school to give them better education.

A. Roy1*, P. S. Roy1, S. Patra1, A. Haldar2, U. Roy1, A. Maji1 & P.K. Pathak1

1Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Milebasa (Digha), Kalukhali, Murshidabad, WB,


*Corresponding author; Email ID-