কৃষি বিজ্ঞান কেন্দ্র মুর্শিদাবাদ

West Bengal University of Animal & Fishery Sciences
Milebasa(Digha), Kalukhali, Bhagwangola-I

Mandate of KVK

In order to achieve the above mandates, the following broad objectives would help the KVKs to develop their specific objectives.-

  1. To promptly demonstrate the latest agricultural technologies to the farmers as well as extension workers of State Departments of Agriculture/Horticulture/ Fishery/ Animal Science/ NGOs with a view to reduce the time lag between the technology generation and its adoption.
  2. To test and verify the technologies in the socio-economic conditions of the farmers with a view to study the production constraints and to modify the technologies to make them appropriate.
  3. To impart trainings to the practicing farmers/ farm women, rural youth and field level extension functionaries by following the methods of “Teaching by doing” and “Learning by doing’.
  4. To back-up with training and communication supports to the district level development departments viz; Agriculture/ Horticulture/ Fisheries/ Animal science and NGOs in their extension programs.

The KVKs thus are the down-to-earth institutions committed to vocational training, transfer of latest technologies, on farm research and thus, serving as the light house for overall rural development in the district. The activities of the KVK include technology assessment, refinement and transfer, aiming to bridge the gap between the technology developed at the research institutions and its adoption at the field level by the farmers through demonstration of technology/ products etc. and training of farmers, rural youths and extension personnel. The concept of technology assessment and refinement is based on participatory mode ensuring greater scientists-farmer linkage and access to agricultural technologies generated by research systems to the farming community. For this, the role of KVKs is of immense importance for overall agricultural and rural development through its various research and technology transfer mechanisms.