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West Bengal University of Animal & Fishery Sciences
Milebasa(Digha), Kalukhali, Bhagwangola-I

Murshidabad District Profile:

Berhampore is the Headquarter of Murshidabad District. The Murshidabad district is bounded by Malda district in north, by Jharkhand State and Birbhum district in west, Burdwan and Nadia in the south and Bangladesh in the east. Murshidabad district is the 5th populated district in West Bengal. The district comprises of 5 Sub-division, 26 Blocks, 19 Assembly constituencies and 3 Lok Saba constituencies. The district is divided into two parts by the river Bhagirathi. The western part having clayey soil, reddish in color and undulated topography is called “RARH” and simultaneously the eastern part of the Bhagirathi containing alluvial and fertile soil is known as “BAGRI”. The Krishi Vigyan Kendra campus is situated at the new alluvial zone. Jangipur, Kandi and part of Berhampore Sub-Division are flood prone which is a threat to the economy of the district. The problem of soil acidity which is being aggravated day by day due to continuous and injudicious use of chemical fertilizers. The irrigated area of this district is 60%. The source of the irrigation water is ground water and surface water. The horticulture sector of this district has a great potential in fruits and vegetables production. Murshidabad is proud enough to envisage three agro export zones namely mango, litchi and vegetables.

Murshidabad District at a glance:

  • Latitude:                                         23’43’30” N to 24’50’20” N
  • Longitude:                                      87’49’17” E to 88’46’ E
  • Agro-climatic Zone:                        Old Alluvial Zone, New Alluvial Zone and Lateritic light Zone
  • Avg. Rainfall:                                  1300mm Per Year
  • Total Geographical Area:                5316611ha
  • Net area under cultivation:            36500ha
  • Gross cropped area:                       852462ha
  • Cropping intensity:                         233.5%
  • Total population (2011 census):    5863717
  • Net area under irrigation:              220086ha
  • Gross area under irrigation:           361568ha